In the Name of Breath

23-25 september 2016

Dance is one of the oldest ways we know as human beings to celebrate and connect with life force. The dance of the 5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice, designed to release the dancer in each of us. Each rhythm - flowing staccato chaos lyrical still - offers many ways to freedom and healing for body, heart and mind.
This weekend we dance waves of 5rhythms with an emphasis on stillness and breath.

Breath is our connection with life. It's the most basic element for our existence and it connects us right away with all other living creatures. We breathe the same air. We give and receive through breathing. We offer up, release with the out, receive, take in with the in.
In many languages breath means spirit. Without spirit there's no life.
Through dance and conscious breathing we call spirit back into the body.
What parts of our body are open and receptive, and where can we create more space and aliveness.


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