Lyrical Heart

Toscana, Italy 1 - 4 june 2017
with Willemijn de Dreu

The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" Anais Nin

In Waves of 5Rhythms we find expression of the body. We drop into our feet, the playfulness in our hips, the expansive freedom of our hands. We dare to breath, and therefore we (re)connect with life force.
In the Heartbeat map of the Rhythms, we find the language of the heart through the body. We explore emotions as creative energy.

These 4 day's we bring the attention to the joy and ease that arises when you widen the movement vocabulary of your emotional body.
Lyrical naturally invites you to detach with ease and lightness. The art of change. You are free and able to change. Whatever road you travelled, the time is now to own the power of your unique journey. To transform suffering into art, to shapeshift.
Lyrical is transparent, swift, and free as the wind, it asks us never to identify with any of the roles we play in life.
So come and dance and shift shape from one into another to experience that these characters serve you and not pin you down.
Come and see and let yourself be seen in you're strength and vulnerability. Open your arms, let your heart widen, be as the wind; transparent, free, alway's in change.

This workshop is a residential so we have lot's of time to enjoy the dance, the sublime italian whearter, eachothers company, great food and a stunning environment. Welcome!

'It is the light that urges the flower to open it's heart to the world.' Buddha

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