Poetry in Motion

Bucharest - Rumania
10 - 12 february 2017

with Willemijn de Dreu

5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice
In Waves of Rhythms we explore the language of the body. We find our feet, the playfulness in our hips, the expansive freedom in our hands. We dare to breath, and therefore we (re)connect with life force.
Through widening the movement vocabulary our creativity and joy awakens which is expressed in energetic dances, simple gestures and still shapes.

Poetry reveals itself when we take away the noise. We strip away unessential parts of the story till we are left with the bare bones. We dance till we drop, and then we dance some more, till there is nothing left but the dance, and we become energy in motion, poetry in motion.
You are a poem, an alive poem, with rhythm and space and imagination.
You are living art.

'The body doesn't lie'.

Open to every one who is curious and ready to move and be moved.

Practical information and booking: Andreea Serban: andreea@be-different.com


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