Willemijn de Dreu  

I love the dance of life. I love the changing seasons, the elements,the cycles of birth and death. Often I am in awe of what I see on the dancefloor. It's breathtaking when people find their wild beauty and aliveness through dance and sweat. I love bodies. I love movement. I love being alive, with all ups and downs. Our time here is precious, so let's come to the essential. A heart beat, a conscious breath, a loving gesture, a dance....y.

Willemijn (Willemijn) de Dreu is a cherished teacher in many cultures around the world. She is known for her playfull creativity, her light way of taking people through deep journey 's and her ability to weave shamanic threads in her work. She's fiery, loving and committed to find way's to freedom and healing through dance, consciousness and presence.

I danced and trained with Gabrielle Roth. First to teach the 5Rhythms in 1998 and then Heartbeat in 2005. In 2010 I started working with Daan van Kampenhout who learned me a lot about Connections and Ritual. Since 2013 I am certified as a Systemic Rtiual constellattor. After years of training with Andrea Juhan I graduated as an OpenFloor teacher in may 2016. I'm thankful to many teachers and trainings that I've received in dance, theatre, shamanism, body therapy and breath work. Dance has always been on my path and will be there forever.






Arjan Bouw

Dancing helps me to follow the movement of my life. I don’t have to change; I can follow the changes. Just like I follow my feet and hands I follow my heart and mind. Besides that I love rhythm, rhythm of music, of my fingers typing, of the sun and the earth; I can rest in the beat.

I am trained to teach waves and heartbeat and I am actor too, it’s a beatuful combination, I keep searching for the expression of inner movement.

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